How to Make Your Swimsuit Work for You

There's a swimsuit for every woman out there. You just need to be smart when choosing which is best for your body type.

Start with your the feature you love the most and find the swimsuit that shows that off.

Consider also colors, cuts, and certain details that can help you look and feel good about your body while at the beach.

Elongate your legs There are three features in a swimsuit you need for this. First, look for a swimsuit or bikini bottom that has a high-cut opening. Second, opt for a tan or nude color. Third and lastly, choose one with a sweetheart neckline. It will direct attention to your upper body.

Plus-size friendly It's all about tricking the eyes so you won't go wrong with contrasting stripes or patterns. A swim top with a V-shaped neckline will streamline your look.

Create instant curves Have you ever wondered what those open side swimsuits are for? They're an easy way to create an hourglass shape without showing off too much. It's also one of the more unlikely swimsuit options if you want to experiment with your beach look.

Lengthen your figure You can use ruffles to your advantage if this is your goal. Choose one that runs in the middle of the swimsuit. It leads the eyes to move vertically along the body so you can have a longer torso.

Booty friendly Low-rise bikini bottoms will enhance your bum. Pick also something that has ruched seaming. It will help you have a perky butt!

Bye, bye bulge There's nothing wrong with having a food baby. In case you feel a little conscious about it, whip out a bikini that has and taking top in a loose, baby doll style. It's comfort without the awkward bunching.

Slim down your shoulders Asymmetrical swimsuits were made not just to remix the classic one-piece. This design gives balance to broad shoulders. Take this effect a step further by picking a swimsuit which has an accessory right on the shoulder strap.