Pro trick: Get the beach waves you've always wanted for your hair

A beach wave hairstyle is always on trend. Despite it being associated with the curls you get by being in saltwater during your summer beach trip, it's a look that suits a lot of occasions.

When done right, it gives volume, body but also control. It's also not so hard to maintain if you use products that work best for your hair.

It may take some trial and error to look for those said products. Finer and thinner hair need extra hold while thick and naturally wavy hair needs that bit of control.

Next, look for a hair curler that you can work with. The barrel shouldn't be too thick. The grip should be just right for your hands so you can manipulate it around your head easily. It also helps to pick a curler with multiple heat settings. This way you can easily adjust to what your hair needs.

One thing to keep in mind is always protection. Before curling your hair with an iron, protect your hair with a heat styler. This guarantees that your hair won't feel crunchy. Beach waves soft still feel and look soft. Plus, a heat styler protects your hair from permanent damage.

Your curling technique is also crucial. Always curl away from your scalp to avoid accidents.

When it comes to direction, decide which curls should be going away from your face and which ones can serve as the ones that would frame it. Alternating the curls is also best to give your beach waves maximum texture.

Top it off with a wave spray or sea salt spray. This will hold your curls. Plus you'll have that authentic feel.