You Should Match Your Sunglasses
to Your Face Shape

You’ve probably heard of this before. But the things that are worth repeating are those that carry a lot of truth. When it comes to the many fashion rules, the one about matching your sunglasses to your face shape is almost infallible. The wrong pair can be overwhelming and make you look clownish. The right sunglasses shape will highlight the best features of your face.

Round Face

Think Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson, and Mila Kunis. Rounder face shapes need to be balanced out by rectangular frames. Pick sunglasses with an angle to give your face more contour and sharpness.

Heart-Shaped Face

You need something that is understated as to not overwhelm your narrow chin and elevated cheekbones. Notable women with heart-shaped faces include Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell. So that should give you a hint how a heart-shaped face is desirable and is associated with femininity. You need something that is understated as to not overwhelm your narrow chin. So reach for round sunglasses. Soft curves won’t cut your face further, upswept cat eye frames are also ideal.

Oval Face

This face shape is said to be the most ideal one. Any type of sunglasses fit your face. Play to that advantage with oversized glasses. The scale of the glasses will be balanced out by your face given its symmetry. For inspo, look at the pairs fellow oval faced women like Salma Hayek, Julianne Moore, and Kate Middleton wear.

Square Face

A square face is defined by its strong features. Usually, the chin is prominent so you need something that gives it softness. To give the illusion of symmetry, rectangular glasses are the way to go for you. If you find it too much, opt for sunglass designs that curve softly instead of an overtly square set of sunnies. Either way, these provide a polished look and enhances the angles on your face. Your style pegs are Rosario Dawson, Demi Moore, and Angelina Jolie.

Though these rules are not set in stone, knowing your face shape will help you out. With the huge number of sunglass options available, this guide can help choose just the best one when you need a reliable pair. It also helps guide you on how your can experiment with trendier designs with the most flattering results.