Beaches in a bottle: scents that will remind you of the sand and surf

You can take a little piece of the beach with you everywhere with the right perfume.

It's a hard task given how the beach is a combination of scents. It's the seawater and the sun. It's sunblock and tanning oils. It's cool drinks. It's the air that picks up nature's distinct yet indescribable notes.

Yet, we all love it so much. This is why a few of the best perfumeries did that they could capture it all.

Tom Ford Sole Di Positano
This is a blend of Italian bergamot, petitgrain bigarade, lemon, and mandarin gleams, inspired by the coast of Positano. It also has notes of shiso leaf, transporting you to sunny Italy.

Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk
This warm fragrance is true its name. It's reminiscent of strolls on the shore via notes of lemon, coconut milk, and cedarwood. You are promised an "impression of sun and carefree bliss."

Heeley Perfumes Sel Marin
Imagine yourself lying on a sun lounge, getting a tan with the laughter of boys playing beach ball
in the background. This is where Sel Marin is all about. Lemon, Italian bergamot, sea salt, moss, and algae come together with vetiver, cedar, and musk are all combined to give you that experience anywhere you may be.

Olivine Atelier Amongst The Waves Eau de Parfum
Suntan lotion. The spray of water on the rocks. The smell of salt in the sweet air. This is what you get when you open a bottle of Amongst the Waves. It has notes of ocean salt and black coconut with a floral heart composed of lush stargazer lily, waterlily, and tiger lily.